26 Sep

Welcome to the 2017/2018 School Year!

Asalaam aleykoum and welcome to the 2017/2018 school year!

This school year brings both some minor and major shifts in the Sunday school curriculum, and we are excited to share them with you.

In an effort to maximize student engagement, and contribute the growth of our youth, we are undertaking a total overhaul on the Islamic studies portion of k-3, and adding some student-led projects for our older students.

For the k-3 crowd, Islamic studies now consists of more learning through story-telling and hands on projects. The stories will sample from the Noor Kids, Mini Mu’umin, and other age appropriate storybooks that deal with contemporary issues faced by young Muslims, as well as stories of our prophets and teachings of the Quran. These stories are designed to generate conversation and inspire our youth.

There is not a lot of change for levels 4-6, as the Weekend Learning textbooks are an excellent resource, although I would like to see a heavier focus on discussion and action.

Levels 7-12 will also continue with the Weekend Learning textbooks, however there will be student-led projects assigned to be completed outside of Sunday school. Sunday school is only three hours a week, and I can’t stress how important it is that we don’t condense Islamic studies into something we do for only three hours, once a week. These projects are assigned with the idea of sparking curiosity and wonder in our students.

Levels 7-12 will be assigned a research project, related to a category of their choosing: Islamic history, Invention or Discovery by Islamic scientists and scholars, or Inspiring/famous Muslims. The students will research a specific event, period in time, specific invention or discovery, or a biographical piece, and then they may either write a paper, create a poster or other visual aid, or make a brief presentation. These will be shared at the midterm.

Level 12 will also be assigned a senior project. This project will be a brief reflection on how the student has used the teachings of Islam to deal with every day events in America. This project will be shared at the end of the school year ceremony.



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