October 1st Circle Time and k-3 curriculum

Asalaam aleykoum,

Yesterday the students each received a book titled 21 Duas for Children, they are expected to bring these books back to Sunday school each week. Parents, please assist the students in learning these dua and ensure that they bring the books back each Sunday. They have each put their name on the inside cover of the book, and at the end of the school year those will be theirs to keep. The kindergarten students did not bring those books home, but they do each have a copy at the school.

The k-3 curriculum is beginning to take shape, now that the books have arrived.

Iqraa – students are working both on reading and writing the arabic alphabet, we have added writing both to help with the memorization process and so that the students may benefit from homework.

Islamic studies

  • 21 Duas for Children – students will learn 1 new Dua each week (2 if they are a shorter one), homework is to come back and tell about a time in the week that they were able to use their dua
  • Stories of the Prophets in Stories from the Holy Quran as well as stories of the Prophets using the Weekend Learning storybooks (example)
  • Contemporary stories – (example) quality literature selected to generate conversations amongst the students about issues they might face in school and beyond.
  • These stories and reading will be supplemented with activities, games, and projects.
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