First of all, we thank you for your interest. The doors of the Islamic Center of Boise (ICB) are opened to all members of the extended community. We welcome visitors and guests and we will be happy to entertain any questions that we may have about Islam or about our Muslim community. The best time to visit us to learn about Islam might be during the Jumu’ah Salah (Friday congregational worship)
The Jumu’ah Salah starts at 1:30 pm with a 20 to 25 min sermon (Khutbah), followed by the short prayer (Salah) – The whole thing usually ends by 2:20 pm. We would recommend that you come in early so we can arrange a seat for you.
At other times: The center is opened during the daily prayers. If you inform ICB in advance, we will typically l have someone to greet all of our guests and have a Q/A session after the prayer May the peace and blessing of the One God be with you. We hope to see you soon, God Willing!


Modesty code: All adults (male and female) are requested to observe modest, conservative, loose fitting clothing (e.g.: long skirts, trousers).
Most aspects of a standard dress code are quite appropriate as long as it covers as much skin as possible for both men and women.
Female visitors may cover their head to show respect to other worshipers or to enrich their own experience.
Shoes are removed before entering the mosque. Socks, stockings, or tights are therefore a good idea. Oh…and don’t forget to silent your mobile phone.

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Peace and blessings be upon you! Feel free to contact us anytime! We have various categories you can pick from the drop down menu below. Remember you are always more than welcome to come visit our mosque - Please see the FAQs above. (208) 429-1866

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