Sunday school Volunteers Needed!

Islamic Studies
Level 1 - 2 teachers
Level 2 - 2 teachers
Middle School - 2 teachers
6 TAs needed
2 Recess Aides/Hall Supervisers

Islamic Studies Teachers do not require prior knowledge EXCEPT a willingness and desire to work with our youth. Curriculum and materials are provided, containing all of the information needed to be successful. Support and training provided. TAs role is to sit in on class and help students where needed, plus work as a substitute teacher in the event of time off or absence of the regular assigned teacher. TA is a great position to come in and see if teaching at the Sunday school is something you would be interested in! Recess Aids/Hall Supervisers are to supervise the halls, ensure shoes are put on the shelves, walk the younger levels to the bathroom and snack time, and engage the kids in games and activities

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02 Oct

October 1st Circle Time and k-

Asalaam aleykoum, Yesterday the students each received a book titled <em>21 Duas for Children</em>, they are expected to bring these books back to Sunday

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26 Sep

Welcome to the 2017/2018 Schoo

Asalaam aleykoum and welcome to the 2017/2018 school year! This school year brings both some minor and major shifts in the Sunday school curriculum, and we are excit

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20 Apr

Circle Time and New Schedule 4

Asalaam aleykoum As we move closer to Ramadan circle time is starting to take a bit of a new direction. This past week, the older students gathered together to begin

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