October 23 Circle Time

Asalaam aleykoum,

Our circle time story today was “The Moon in the Well”, from the Folktales anthology, The Moon in the Well: Wisdom Tales to Transform Your Life, Family, and Community by Erica Helm Meade. There are many versions of the story of “The Moon in the Well”, this particular one has a group of monkeys that attempt to rescue the moon, believing its reflection in the water to actually BE the moon in the water. One monkey sees that it is only a reflection, and that the true moon is still in the sky. He does not follow them, and remains safe, while those that followed the incorrect monkey all fell into the water.

This story was selected for the theme of staying true to our own knowledge, even when the crowd is going in another direction, an important theme for people of all ages, but particularly for school-aged children as they begin making new friends and encountering a variety of lifestyles and cultures. The children had a wonderful discussion on examples of how they can avoid following others that they don’t agree with, and they identified a variety of adults they could talk to if they ever felt uncomfortable/pressured to do something they shouldn’t do (teachers, school staff, parents, etc).

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