ICB Notice
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Date: February 12, 2024

 Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu 
It is with regret that we must inform our community members that Brother Nabil has decided to resign as EC president, due to mounting family and work commitments. Brother Nabil thanks the community for the trust and the cooperation that he has received. The joint committee of BOT and EC respect his decision, and accept his resignation – effective Feb 11, 2024.
We all acknowledge that these volunteer positions in general – and the position of EC president in particular – demand significant time commitment from both the individuals and their families. 
BOT and EC, on behalf of ICB, would like to sincerely express both gratitude and appreciation of Brother Nabil’s significant contribution to the ICB. He has been devoted to the community at large, in multiple roles over many long years. May Allah reward him and his family for all the contributions and sacrifices. We all wish to have him back, Insha Allah, whenever he is ready, permitting the situation.
Considering the situation and criticality of the EC President role, BOT and EC requested Brother Taga to take the position of Interim EC President. He is one of the most committed ICB and BOT members. He has the most experience and he is extremely well suited to lead the EC in this situation.
ICB is extremely grateful, both to Brother Taga and his family, that Brother Taga has agreed to take on this huge responsibility. May Allah continue to reward him and his family for the commitment and sacrifices. Brother Taga will take on the responsibilities of EC President, effective immediately.
Thank you, ICB