Financial Assistance

Islamic Center is dedicated to serve the community. ICB serves on a priority basis, to those in need for short term financial assistance for their basic needs. Funds from Zakat, General Charity and Donations are used to meet these needs. Request for cash or check payable directly to the applicant will not be considered. Instead, checks for funds/ requests will be written to providers of services for which the applicant is in need.



Our priorities are the most vulnerable section of our community

Guidelines for financial help 

Please carefully read this important document used by Islamic Center of Boise to determine assistance. All information about applicants are kept confidential.

ICB Guidelines for Financial Help

How to apply

Please download and print the application and complete the required section before coming to ICB and meeting the Humanitarian Director

  • The Financial Assistance Form can be opened and printed  Download Form
  • Alternately, you can fill up the online form


There is an established process that ICB follows to carefully review each case. After submitting your application, you will be contacted by ICB within three working days.

Assistance is given to the most urgent cases up to one time every 24 months. If you have received assistance in the last 24 months, please call (208) 429-1866 to discuss your situation with the Humanitarian Director.

What to bring

Please bring as many supporting documents when you come to ICB. For details, please refer to ICB Guidelines for Financial Help.


If you feel that you are going through hardship and need some assistance with basic necessities, please contact us at 208.429.1866 or email at

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Financial Assistance Form