Prison Outreach



The prison outreach program is an initiative by the Islamic Center of Boise to provide Islamic educational resources and support to Muslims currently incarcerated in state and local prisons. Inmates in Prison – Muslims and non- Muslims alike have an opportunity to turn their lives around due to the universal message of Islam – principles of human values and dignity, and that all are equal in the eyes of our Creator.



Trained ICB volunteers make regular visit to the prison facilities, interact with inmates and conduct learning sessions. ICB provides copies of the Holy Qur’an – in English and Arabic, Islamic Books, prayer rugs, calendars and information on Islamic holy days.

ICB assists inmates who seek out help when they are out and living in reformed community to get back to normal life. We respond to inmate’s letter and request as received.

During the holy month of Ramadan, we distribute dates and special visits are made by a team of dedicated volunteers to the prison. ICB sponsor’s food for the inmates on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha such that they get a chance to celebrate the Islamic holidays.



Please make a donation and support ICB prison outreach program. We have inmates requesting Quran, Islamic books, audio CD’s, prayer rugs and beads. All funds are used to meet these requests. This program, like all other program at the Islamic Center of Boise is run on an entirely volunteer basis.